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Your Clothes Are Talking.

Boston, MA. USA


They say your style speaks before you can when you enter a room. In Boston MA, it seemed as though we were all saying the same things when entering a room for a while. Boston has never been a city mainly known for its fashion or style culture, but it has always been present. Growing up in a small suburb outside of the city, I was able to experience a lot of what the city had to offer. With short train rides into the heart of Boston, I got to know the city very well.

You can experience our expression of fashion by walking the streets of the downtown area, and one thing that I realized is that everyone seems to be expressing themselves the same way. For some reason, at the time, it didn't seem like Boston had a lot of innovation or risk-takers when it comes to fashion. Most people were either rocking the same jeans, same t-shirts, or same kicks as the next person. A lot of which was influenced by other major cities nearby like New York. It seemed as though Boston didn’t have it’s own style or creativity when it came to outfits and fashion, which may have been caused by the lack of exposure to the fashion world where many could draw their inspiration. The city was still looking for its own identity.

Like many others, I feel that your wardrobe reflects you and the way you express yourself. For many people, you can see their personalities through what they wear and how they dress. I always felt as though Boston had the potential to be a pioneer in the fashion industry if they could have a selection of styles from all over the world and if they were exposed to the global fashion industry. Like many small cities across the globe, Boston struggled with this.
As social media started to expand, so did the Boston fashion scene. People were able to draw from different inspirations worldwide.
That’s when we birthed davedemonki. Our mission is to provide our customers with a selection of the latest fashion trends and newest styles from quality suppliers all over the world. We want everyone in the world to have the ability to express themself through their wardrobe and draw from inspiration from all over the world. Online shopping should never be a hassle, so we strive to provide you with top customer service and a user-friendly platform to make your online experience the best possible.

We believe your style speaks before you can. Your clothes are talking.